What Euron's Bloody Defeat of Yara and Theon Means For Sport of Thrones

It is the penultimate season of Game of Thrones and there are solely seven episodes this season, so it is sensible that sh*t will get actually actual in episode two, “Stormborn.” Whereas the premiere and the start of this week’s episode actually has Daenerys transferring issues into place like a chess sport, merely preparing for motion, the tip brings us a bloody battle and the devastating lack of a number of characters — and Daenerys’s footing. Euron Greyjoy proves he’s not just swagger and overtakes Theon and Yara’s ships on their method to Dorne, leaving Daenerys at an enormous loss. However that is just the start, as Cersei notes in the preview for next week — so let’s go over what Euron’s transfer has pushed into place.

Cersei Has Began the Conflict

Cersei says merrily within the preview, “The battle’s already begun; I’ve drawn first blood.” Certainly she has; till now, Daenerys had been on Dragonstone, fastidiously plotting not simply an assault, however an entire considerate technique on how you can win the Seven Kingdoms, and never, as she and Tyrion each say, simply its ashes. Cersei, however, is glad to rule ashes (she burned down the Nice Sept, in spite of everything, as Arya and Scorching Pie remind us). Even when she did not order Euron to defeat Theon and Yara at sea, you already know she’ll fortunately take the credit score for it. However the one that throws the primary punch is not all the time the final one standing. Cersei could have began the battle, however Daenerys will possible be the one to finish it. Additionally, subsequent week’s episode is ominously titled “The Queen’s Justice.” However which queen, fam?!

Daenerys Will Be Pressured to Use Her Military . . . and Restrategize

Theon and Yara have been heading to Dorne to get the Dornish individuals to siege King’s Touchdown, thus utilizing a pleasant neighborhood Westerosi military — and never the Unsullied and Dothraki one which appears to provide everybody within the Seven Kingdoms goosebumps. Now plainly not solely has Daenerys misplaced most of her ships, she should use the military that is primarily Unsullied/Dothraki. Technique apart, joke’s on Cersei if that occurs. We see Gray Worm heading out of Dragonstone, then what appears to be like just like the deliberate assault on Casterly Rock, they usually look fierce.

The opposite query about Daenerys is will she change her plan to strike on King’s Touchdown? She reveals her cruel facet this week when speaking to Varys, and that man’s on her facet. And Girl Olenna reminds her, she’s a dragon. What is going to she do to Cersei and Euron now? Actually hoping that is what “The Queen’s Justice” means.

Yara Is Now in Euron’s Possession — and Is a Trophy or a Bargaining Chip

Poor Yara. She’s misplaced the Iron Fleet, her brother abandons her, and now she might be going to be Euron’s gift to Cersei. Useless or alive, this cannot be good for her.

Cersei Will In all probability Marry Euron

Um, mazel tov, I suppose.

Theon Is Again on His Personal

Theon’s cowardly move of leaving Yara to Euron looks like a response to the abuse he’d been via with Ramsay (which the showrunners cite within the contained in the episode sequence), but it surely additionally reminds us that Theon is a survivor. Certainly Theon is not executed right here, and I feel there is a good probability he may flip up again within the North with the Starks, who could really feel like extra of his household than Yara did.

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