Put This Where You Need It Every Few Days

Researchers at MIT have recently developed a cream that can bring back the bounce to your bags.

Not only that but they’re also saying that it could have more than just cosmetic benefits, in fact, the same researchers are saying that it could potentially be used for many chronic disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

The new creation is dubbed as “Second Skin” due to the way that it works. It is actually made up of two components. A clear polymer that acts as a primer for the skin. Once that it is applied, a substance containing a catalyst is applied over it. The resulting chemical reaction supposedly contracts the skin whilst creating a barrier over it.


By stretching it all out, it effectively pushes out the creases while giving the skin a protective barrier which also provides moisture retaining benefits. The scientists are saying that in the case of eczema and psoriasis where the skin is irritated by dryness and requires constant moisturization, this could prove to be better alternative to current therapeutic options such as oily ointments which often have compliance problems.

This barrier is able to last for 24-48 hours and is not visible as it appears as a invisible layer over the applied site. The tests were carried out on the faces of people as well as behind the legs, a common area associated with eczema related itching and scaliness. It was further tested in rigorous conditions, such as those that include swimming, exercising and rain to which it was able to endure.


So far, the product is not for sale as it is still in its clinical testing stages, however select groups of people are being allowed for beta testing in order to ensure that it works as well as being safe for people. At this stage in time, they believe that it will become available for the general public some time in 2017.