The 4 Common Decor Mistakes That Are Letting Your House Down

There’s nothing more comfortable than coming home from an exhausting day at the office; grabbing your favourite book and relaxing in your beautifully decorated room. The colors are calming, the furniture is comfortable and the space is nice and airy – it doesn’t get any better than this. Yes your home is really a place of escape from the outside world and it should be warm and welcoming, but what if you’re not quite sure how to achieve this, and you can’t afford a professional decorator? Don’t worry while the concept of home design might seem daunting at first, it really doesn’t have to be, the key is knowing what to do, and even more important, WHAT NOT TO DO!

Don’t Invest In Trends


Yes, zebra prints might be ‘all the range ‘right now but trust me it won’t be that way for long. Sooner or later neutrals will be back in and you’ll be stuck with those outdated zebra print items. Even if you do decide to go trendy make sure that you do it with the smaller accessories– maybe a pillow a small mat, or a vase–as these can be easily swapped out. However, do not spend tons of money on large trendy pieces, unless of course you can afford to totally redo your home every season.

Don’t Be Square

Make sure that not every piece of item in your home is square; it has a tendency to make the room feel static. Try to change things up a bit with the use of round mirrors, unusually shaped wall art etc.

Don’t Overdo It


This pretty much goes for everything in your home, colors, plants, artwork, and pillows; remember that a little goes a long way. You need to create a focal point in each room. Too many things will leave your guests confused; they simply won’t know where to look because there are so many things vying for attention in the space.

Don’t Chose Style over Comfort


While it’s understandable that you want your space to look beautiful you also want it to be usable. It’s perfectly fine to purchase pieces that appeal to your sense of style, but it’s important to be realistic as well. Think about your family and how they will function in the space; while a backless couch might look totally cool, will your partner prefer something he can leave back in? And yes, that dining table might be absolutely beautiful, but is it too tall for your kids to comfortable sit around and enjoy their meals? Think about these things; don’t give up comfort for style when you can have both.