Ageless Skin Is A Lifestyle. Here Is How You Live it!

While some people have a God-given normal skin, a mammoth number of other people struggle with either dry, oily or a combination of both. Whichever skin type you find yourself in, the ultimate goal is to have a glowing and supple skin. Fortunately, you can always find a remedy that will suit you and give you a natural flawless skin in spite of your age.

Facial masks with natural ingredients


Facial masks allow people of all skin types to address their skin problems and get their dream appearance. The most exciting and encouraging part is that the natural ingredients used for these masks are easily available, safe and enriching to the skin. You can make a mask from different mixtures depending on the type of skin. Some of the most efficient ingredients include honey, Aloe Vera, apricot and lemon. For instance, a mixture of honey and lemon is a good mask for an oily skin. Come up with a daily or weekly routing for applying the mask and hydrating the skin.

Nutrition: a fiber rich diet


Everything healthy and glowing begins with a diet. Metabolic dysfunctions lead to skin impurities and break outs. A right quantity of micro-nutrients and vitamins are essential to clear your skin. Select food from natural proteins such fish, white meat, nuts, grains such as brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat, vegetables such beets and broccoli. Omega 3 fatty acids and soybeans are also beneficial. As much as possible, avoid processed and man-made foods that can lead to inflammation and increased impurities on the skin.

Hydrate: take plenty of water


Amazingly, 15% of your skin is made up of water. One of the most beneficial aspects of drinking water is purifying the skin of impurities. Water will clean the body as it gets rid of toxins and waste. It also hydrates the skin and removes excessive dirt and oil. Taking about 2 liters of water daily can give you a bright skin that is evident even in a week. This way, it will remove dryness and wrinkles from your skin. Hydration also boosts your immunity. You can combine drinking water with juicing natural fruits.

Protect your skin


All good things are expensive, and so is your skin. With climate change, comes a harsh weather condition with a potential to destroy your skin extensively. The skin is a great source of vitamin D, especially if it is exposed between 7 am and 9am, which is extremely good for the skin. The sun after 9 am is too harsh for the skin and should b avoided. These UV rays can destroy your skin texture and if overexposed can lead to skin cancer. Avoid the skin between 10 am and 2 pm. Use a sunscreen if you have to be out at this time.

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