Is Your Hairstyle Making Your Face Look Worse Than You Know?

They key to looking beautiful at any age is to understand the things that suit us and the ones that don’t. And since they say ‘your hair is your beauty’ it is only fair that our hairstyle does in fact augment our beauty not take away from it. Hairstyles can be tricky, you might want to try some of the latest trends, but honestly they don’t always work with every face shape. Unfortunately, sometimes we find this out when it’s too late- yikes! This guide will ensure that you never experience a bad haircut ever again.

Heart Shape


Medium length haircuts are great for heart shaped faces; you can do layers to fill in around the chin area, along with a heavy fringe bang as this offsets a prominent jaw. In order to counterbalance the width of the ‘heart’ allow a few pieces of hair to fall in the area between the ears and the nose. Textured bobs, and deep side parts work pretty well with this shape as well.

Oval Shape


Women with oval shaped faces can get away with pretty much any hairstyle, but there are some that will be more flattering than others nonetheless. Centre part on shoulder-length hair (or longer) with soft waves is lovely on an oval face. Another flattering style for this face shape is bob haircuts (of various lengths); add side-swept bangs to your bob to add softness to the face. Short edgy cuts like Halle Berry’s adorable pixie, looks absolutely stunning on oval faces as well.

Round Shape


To camouflage the roundness of your face opt for bangs, layers that frame the face or styles that give the illusion of length. Make sure you hair falls a few inches below your chin; it can be straight or you can go for sexy beach waves which deflects the face’s roundness. Long, side swept bangs are great as well because they create angles on women with round faces. While it’s fine to have layers of different lengths keep in mind that layers that rests above your earlobe will add volume to the side of your face and you don’t want to do that.

 Square Shape


Tapered and textured is the way to go with a square shaped face. A soft, tapered bob that skims the chin is very attractive on a square face. Long and straight is another great option that tends to soften square angles. If bone- straight hair is not your cup of tea you can try adding curls or waves from the ears down.