Dove Launches New Beauty Campaign To Empower Women

Back in April, Dove released a film called, “Love Your Hair,” with views that exceeded nine million.  The company does it again by launching its new campaign called, “#MyBeautyMySay.”

The campaign is designed to enable women to feel better about their actions and activities.  The idea behind the campaign is to get women excited about their accomplishments when they felt their looks negated these accomplishments.


In fact, researchers say that seven out of 10 women claim to get more compliments on their looks than any personal, professional or educational accomplishment. 74 percent of the women feel that women’s interesting qualities make them beautiful, not the looks.

Dove’s campaign features nine real women with their stories. One woman is a female boxer who said, even with a black eye she’s beautiful. It also includes a plus-size fashion blogger who’s often stopped along streets to get advice on style and a photographer who used her lens on the catcallers.


These women Dove found talked about how they celebrate beauty in their way, hoping to inspire other women to do the same.

New York-based Rain Dove is also seen in the campaign. She said as a child her appearance led many to call her plain and ugly. She said she used to set herself away from others and become a gender-free model. She said she was glad to be given the opportunity to talk about the limits that were placed on her, and how she wants to inspire other women to let go of the standards placed on them by society.


Dove is looking for more women who want to share stories of their moving past beauty barriers through social media using the hashtag #MyBeautyMySay.