How to Improve Your Success In Life Through Eating Well

Usually the financial hacks that are offered are so varied that the reader barely knows where to begin. As eating and drinking is one of the biggest drains on anyone’s capital, this is a great starting point when you are trying to tighten up your outgoings.

Grow Your Own

Planting and growing all of the most used vegetables will certainly save you some money. While this isn’t the highest return it will certainly add up over time. If you use a lot of herbs then growing these can save even more money.

father and son are getting the new potatoes out of the soil, potatoes and roots beautifully lit by the sun

Some of the best vegetables and herbs to grow for beginners include:

  • Spring onions,
  • Potatoes,
  • Peas,
  • Onions,
  • Garlic,
  • Broad beans,
  • Runner beans,
  • And mint.

Bulk Up

Buying in bulk can be done at a range of locations and shops but now it is even available online. Due to the long life of canned food, this is the best option but there are sites that allow you to purchase everything from coffee to pasta for lower prices.

It should be noted, however, that many supermarkets take advantage of our idea: “The pack with more items will be better value for money.” and now these “bulk” packs will often work out to be more expensive than buying smaller options.


With the right amount of research, you can get incredible deals and have your cupboards stocked for less.

Saying No (Sometimes) To Alcohol

At risk of putting us amongst the most unpopular writers on the Internet, cutting back on alcohol can save a household thousands. While cutting alcohol completely may not be an achievable goal, it is definitely worth considering when it can be cut down and if there are some cheaper options for your favourite drink.


Go Veggie

Gone are the days that vegetarian food is seen as a bland option or simply a plate of uncooked vegetables. Now with amazing vegetarian recipes easily available online you will be able to explore a whole range of different tastes without the higher costs of meat.

This also works in restaurants, as their vegetarian option is often the cheapest on the menu. Since vegetarian food has the stigma of being “less” than meat dishes, it often means that a restaurant puts more effort into making it taste better and therefore you have a more delicious, and cheaper, meal.

Will Sir and Madam Be Dining At Home This Evening?


It is a highly debated subject whether it is cheaper to cook at home or if you can get food cheaper out. It really comes down to where you are choosing to eat out and what you choose to cook at home. Yes eating at McDonalds is much cheaper than the lobster bisque you were going to make at home, but this clearly isn’t a realistic scenario.


If you stick to the following rules then cooking will always be the cheaper option:

  • Stay Simple – The meals don’t have to be boring but you also don’t need to invest in the rarest of olive oils
  • Steer Clear of Rare Ingredients – Many people find a recipe that has some unknown berry from the wilds of the Arctic and then never use them again. That’s not just an extra cost but also wasted food. You can: avoid recipes with these ingredients, leave them out or get read to have Arctic berries in everything.
  • Measure Everything – As long as you avoid waste then your meal will definitely cost less than the same at a restaurant.

Don’t Save Water

If you do go out then get into the habit of ordering water, or at the very least having one “nice” drink and then having water afterwards. While it might be hard to get used to in the beginning you will find that not having to drink wine, beer or Coca-Cola at restaurant prices will really boost your bank account over time.