What Does “Being Fit” Really Mean? You Might Have It All Wrong

Are you physically fit? What measures can people use to determine whether a person is physically fit or not? Fitness is a sensitive topic to human beings. There exist several parameters that can be used to gauge the level of being physically fit. For instance, medical tests take the lion share as specialist in various fitness and aerobics centers trail behind.

Physical Fitness is a lifestyle that should be embraced by everyone who cares about their health wellness. It is evident that unfit people are likely to suffer from chronic maladies such as blood pressure, heart ailments and early aging. However, it requires utmost discipline to achieve proper fitness. Physical fitness goes beyond eating and regular exercises. It incorporates many aspects of life.


Each day should start with a healthy diet. Always ensure that you are adhering to the balanced diet criteria. Start your day with eating a heavy meal besides the coffee or tea. It will enable the body to perform tasks with ease throughout the day. Vegetables, juicers, fruits and blenders are some of the recommended nutrients for keeping fitness. When it comes to fats, you have to pay attention to healthy and beneficial fats such as coconut, olive and avocado oil.

Regular exercises should be part of your daily schedule to keep psychical fitness.  It is essential to set up a training program that makes a count of four to six days in a week. For instance, one should spend at least spend 150 minutes of intense exercise weekly. It should be incorporated with strength training which should take two or more days per week.  Walking and yoga exercises are also recommended exercises to keep the body fit.  A written plan should be utilized to help achieve the goals.


How many hours do you sleep in day? Well, very few people track the number of hours they sleep each day. Sleep is an essential element that plays a significant role in your physical fitness. The recommended hours of sleep are eight hours per day. Medics have attributed enough rest and sleep to increase alertness levels keeping you vibrant and fit for the next day’s task. Insomnia and the urge to have long sleeping hours are conditions that contribute to psychical unfitness. It is essential to see a sleep clinic to help curb this condition and avoid further damages.


Every human being loves a productive life. It is through a productive life that we are in a position to attain our goals and ambitions. Also, keeping fit minimizes the chances of visiting a doctor’s clinic. It is true that wealth and health are part and parcel. If you don’t maintain both, chances of losing both are high.