How To Protect Your Good Looks From Hot Weather

Drink enough water

The only way to preserve healthy skin is by drinking water, there is no way around it. Water increases skin elasticity and also replenishes skin tissues, which helps delay the signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines etc.) so, in order for the skin to remain beautiful and supple it must be hydrated, or the result will be tight, dry and flaky skin. The recommended daily amount is 8 glasses per day, and you will definitely need to take heed of this especially during the dry summer months.


Sunscreen is your friend

This summer promises to be a scorcher, so you might want to stock up on sunscreen (SPF30 or higher), and remember to reapply every two hours or as recommended on the product.  Age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer are just some of the conditions that result from being out in the sun without proper protection. Sunscreens are available in spray, foam, cream and lotions so there are plenty of options to choose from, and if you have sensitive skin or allergies there are sunscreens designed for people with these issues as well. Just do a bit of research online to see which ones work best for you.

Remove your makeup before bed

Going to bed with makeup on your face is a major no, no! Doing this can not only cause breakouts, it can also quicken the aging process— and nobody wants that. Make sure you properly cleanse your face before bed each night using a makeup remover (preferably one that doesn’t contain fragrances, preservatives or alcohol).


Clean your makeup brushes

Dirty makeup brushes can cause unsightly blemishes and acne; these tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria as they are often filled with oil, old makeup, dirt and dead skin cells.  Make sure to clean your makeup brushes at least once per week using soap and warm water. You can also purchase makeup brush cleaners at your local beauty supply store or pharmacy.


Eat adequate fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for your overall health and wellness, and while all fruits and vegetables are good for you, there are some that play a chief role in skin health. These include apples, lemons and carrots which are high in vitamin C — the latter also contains beta carotene; strawberries, spinach and tomatoes which are loaded with antioxidants; cantaloupe, broccoli, apricots and other citrus fruits are great for skin health also. So if you want to improve your skin try to include these fruits and veggies in your daily diet.