These Are How The Colors In Your House Are Affecting You And Your Guests

Are you trying to decide what color to paint the walls of your house? Or perhaps you’re looking at a piece of furniture or decor and can’t decide what color to pick. If you’re can’t decide between a few colors and you like them all then it might be a good idea to consider the emotional effects that colors have on people.

Studies have shown that looking at certain colors can have specific psychological effects on people. “Warm” colors tend to have effects ranging from comforting to energizing, whereas “cool” colors tend to result in a calming mood.

This is why big companies spend millions on the design and color of their logos and stores. Red is often used in retail where the aim to create “energize” the customer into a purchase. On the other hand, the service industry is often represented by blue or grey where neutrality and trust is important.

Researchers also say that this is a learned reaction and as we get older the effect of colors on our emotions increase. This is why children aren’t as swayed by color and simply gravitate towards the color that they prefer.

Back to the point. When furnishing your house and deciding on the design, it’s important to think about the theme and colors as they will play a huge role in how you feel at home and also how your guests feel when they are invited over.  Refer to our simple guide below to help you decide the “mood” of each room in your house.

Red – is considered a “warm” color. As mentioned before, it is energizing and will create feelings of raciness and strong emotions such as love. We find red to be a great color to incorporate into your living room where you may find yourself entertaining friends and family.


Blue – is often used to convey trust and relaxation. Looking at something blue can be compared to looking at a clear sky; it gives you a sense of tranquility. For this reason, we suggest including blue into your bedroom design where you rest and unwind.


Green – When most people think of green, they think leaves, plants and nature. In turn, green is then associated with a beautiful environment and life. For some, this may mean relaxing and for others, healthy and refreshed. Exercise rooms and dining areas are great places to have green if you’d like to give a feeling of healthiness and freshness.


Yellow – Once again, when most people think of yellow, they think of the sun and light in general. This is then connected to feelings of brightness and in particular cheerfulness. Yellow is also considered a “warm” color that gives energy. Consider this color exceptionally suitable for children’s play areas.


Orange – Consider orange a combination of yellow and red. A mixture of brightness and impulse – it is often perceived as a color of attention. This color is absolutely terrific for a feature wall.


Purple – A regal color that is often linked to feelings of being fabulous or royal. This color is great for giving your bedroom a sense of pompous air.

Black – is not often used sparingly in homes as it carries a feeling that mixes mystery with class. Using the right amount of black will make your house appear stylish whereas using too much will make it look like a haunted house!