How Your Confidence Levels Are Affecting Your Physical Appearance

Sometimes we work so hard on enhancing our appearance and beauty but forget the most important ingredient – confidence. No matter how naturally endowed you may be, if you do not have confidence to boot it, you will always feel inadequate and sometimes ugly. Perhaps you are wondering how confidence is acquired and displayed. Just like any positive attribute, acquiring confidence is a deliberate process.  Here are a few pointers on how to build and grow your confidence.

What brings down your confidence?

Begin by pointing out the features that make you feel bad about yourself. It could be acne on the face, some features of your body, skin type, your body shape. You also need to identify if other people’s words in the past could have contributed to self esteem issues. At a young age when people that matter to you or admire make ridicule and make fun of your appearance, most people tend to believe it and carry it to adulthood. Once you have pointed out these issues, make a deliberate effort to change your mind set. Strive to believe that those words or features do not define your beauty. Instead, your beauty is defined by how you carry and present yourself to the world.


Overcoming low self esteem

Lack of confidence can be simply described as low self esteem. After identifying the issues that hurt your confidence, begin a journey of overcoming them. The first rule is to accept yourself the way you are and for who you are. Self-acceptance will help you address your weaknesses without being too hard on yourself or being obsessed with the process of change. It will help you relax while nurturing self-love for your body and personality. This will help you identify the best remedies to deal with any skin, hair or body challenges without destroying your body. You also learn the right diet and daily routine that will give you everyday glow. When your inner self is oozing with contentment and self-appreciation it will reflect on the outer beauty.


Beauty and confidence

Make up for a confident woman is meant to enhance and highlight her beauty. For a woman lacking confidence, make up is to change her so that she can be accepted by people. This means that, she does not believe that she carries any form of beauty by herself. Confidence comes with a smile. The most natural way of showing beauty is through a smile. It is a show of strength and self-assurance.


Every skin type, body shape and eye color is beautiful as long as it is treated with appreciation, care and respect. Once you have embraced self, you can dress your body according to its needs without trying to be or look like someone else.