How To Stay Healthy And Fit Even If You Sit Around At Work All Day

As we collectively try to practice health and wellness methods in our personal lives, it is important that other facets of our lives aid us in this practice as well. And, since we spend the majority of our time at work it is only fair that this space also facilities our health and wellness regime. Lately many businesses have realised that there are countless benefits to creating a wellness environment. Not only are companies able to curb the costs of rising health care, but employee morale, and productivity can also be greatly improved as a result—a win/win for those on either side of the fence, so to speak.  Heart.org even points to research which reveals that for every 1 dollar invested in worksite wellness, companies can receive up to 3 dollars in return. Here are some easy ways to facilitate wellness in the workplace.

A stressed business woman looks tired  she answer telephones in her office
A stressed business woman looks tired she answer telephones in her office

1. Create a Workplace Wellness Program

This aims to promote healthy behaviours in and out of the workplace. It is a program that often involves health education, fitness programs, health coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, etc. Some companies also offer incentives such as monies, gifts, plaques etc.  But a proper workplace wellness program must go beyond just that; it should also integrate policies that don’t necessarily fall under the ‘wellness program’ umbrella. These include:

  • Supplying Healthy Food and Drinks- You certainly can’t encourage health and wellness in the workplace while ignoring this very important aspect. Get rid of those unhealthy soda machines and instead ensure that water and natural beverages are available. If you provide catering for your employees healthy food options must be in the mix as well, wraps, salads, fruits etc. In instances where there is a chef who actually cooks for the employees, he/she should observe natural and healthy cooking practices.
  • Encourage Motion– Sitting around a desk for 8 hours is not only bad for your back, but it can also lead to weight gain and other issues as well. Encourage your employees to either do a few stretching exercises every few hours, or allow them to take breaks during the day so that they can walk around and stretch their legs.


2. Participate In Health Related Events–Whether it’s a 5k walk to cure cancer or a 10 mile hike for lupus, it is important for staff members to participate in health related events. This not only helps to build a stronger bond between employees, but it’s also a great way to get active while donating to a worthy cause or charity.