Here Are 5 Forgotten Traditional Remedies Using Natural Oils

The use of natural oils for health and beauty is nothing new; many different cultures have been using them for beauty, aromatherapy and medicinal remedies for thousands of years. However, the beauty and skincare industry seemed to have finally caught on to the benefits of these natural oils, and with the increased demand for natural, and organic products it is no surprise that this has now become a trend in today’s society.

Coconut Oil for Dry Skin


There is a popular meme being passed around on social network sites which read, “coconut oil can fix anything, your skin, your hair, your bank account, your relationship.” While I can’t attest to the latter two, it certainly does wonders for hair and skin –that much is true. Coconut oil can sooth dry skin, rough patches or eczema as it is known to protect and moisturize the skin. It has the same effect on your hair as well, helping to keep the roots moisturized, thus promoting hair growth.

Sesame Oil for Healthy Teeth


This is commonly used in ‘oil pulling’ a method in which you swallow a mouthful of the oil and swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds. This is said to be a generation old remedy for healthy teeth and gums, and can even be used in place of mouthwash.  Recent studies even show that this oil pulling method using sesame oil is also effective for treating gingivitis and plaque.

Olive Oil for Strong Nails


I bet you didn’t know that weak, brittle nails can be strengthened by using olive oil. Just dab a little on your nails before going to bed each night. For faster results you can also mix avocado oil with olive oil; you should experience longer, stronger nails in no time. Additionally, it is also great for moisturizing dry, brittle hair.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth


This is a great, all-natural solution for those suffering from hair loss. Research revealed the findings of a controlled test involving 100 men suffering from male pattern baldness. 50 of the men were treated with rosemary oil and the others with 2% minoxidil, after 6 months researchers found that both treatments significantly increased the overall hair counts among the men. So rosemary oil works just as well as the drug except it is a natural remedy.

Chamomile and Peppermint to Soothe Skin

While chamomile and peppermint are often used in teas –thanks to their soothing effect on the body –what many don’t know is that they are also quite soothing on the skin. Chamomile and peppermint oils are useful treatments for people who often suffer from red or irritated skin.