Feeling Self Conscious About Swimsuits? Then Check Out These Tips!

No matter how perfect your favourite celebs might seem on TV, trust me they are not perfect. Keep in mind that they have access to the best trainers, gyms, designers etc.—all the things that can either perfect their body or make their body appear perfect, ala Photoshop. And, despite all these things they still have problem areas just like the rest of us. No one has a flawless body some people are just better at hiding their imperfections. And as swimsuit season approaches we’ll show you how to hide yours too while showing off your best assets.


Short Torso: Elongate a short torso by option for Low-rise bottoms which make your torso appear longer.  Halter straps are perfect as well because they draw attention to your neck and shoulders, instead of your short mid-section.

Broad Shoulders: Balance, balance, balance, that’s the key to working with this issue. Create the illusion of an hourglass figure by wearing a solid colored swimsuit with printed side panels. Asymmetrical necklines are great for this problem as well because they draw the eyes up and away instead of across.


Short Legs: To elongate shorter legs, you need to buy swimsuits with high cuts in the leg. Showing more skin in this area will make your legs appear longer. And for optimal lengthening potential, be daring and go for a thong!

Large Chest: Go for thicker bathing suit straps and bands with double-stitch. You will also need extra support in the cup area so make sure your bikini top has underwire.


Small Chest: Embellishments and ruffles give the illusion of a larger chest. You can also invest in bikini tops that are padded.


Love Handles:  Don’t feel too bad, we all fight the battle of the bulge at some point in our lives. But while we work to get rid of this little issue who says we can’t enjoy bikini season just the same.  Go for swimsuits with high- waist bottoms that extend above the belly button (muffin top avoided).

Belly Pouch: Maybe you just ate a large meal or you’re carrying around a few extra pounds in the tummy area; don’t worry there are ways to camouflage this. If you’re a ‘one piece’ kind of girl, then choose a plunging neckline or suit that has ruching along the neckline area. This will draw the attention away from your lower body. You can also buy peplum bikinis as these are perfect for concealing the stomach area.