Rise In Antibiotic Use For STDs Leading To STD Antibiotic Resistance Bugs

Due to the rising issue of antibiotic resistance, many sexually transmitted diseases that were once curable – think chlamydia or gonorrhea – have transformed into new strains that are not easily treatable.  Doctors call these bacteria, parasites and viruses superbugs, and there’s a reason they’re outsmarting the medications that are currently on the market.

According to a new study, which can be found in the American Journal of Infection Control, more than 75 percent of people tested for STDs were negative but were still given antibiotics.


The research looked more at hospital emergency rooms and evaluated more than 1,100 patients who were tested for STDs during a two-month timeframe. Emergency room doctors had a problem: Treat the patient complaining of STD-related symptoms with antibiotics or send off and wait for the lab results from the genital culture.

As it stands now, the majority of ER physicians are going with the treat now and deal with it later stance. This is not good since more people are using antibiotics they may actually not need. This is what causes antibiotic resistance.  The study also found that when doctors waited for the test results, just seven percent of the untreated patients had an STD-positive result.


People are encouraged to see their gynecologist about the problem going on downstairs instead of heading to the emergency room. The gynecologist will let the patient know if there is an STD present or something else entirely. Patients are advised to let their doctor know how many sexual partners they’ve had and, with that information, the two can come up with the best course of treatment.


Another thing people are encouraged to do is defend themselves. Some companies are trying to fix the problem of antibiotic resistance by developing innovative condoms that will protect sexual partners from STDs. LELO is a luxury sex toy brand that recently unveiled its HEX condom.

The best thing people can do to protect themselves is to be smarter than the superbugs.