4 Surefire Ways To Obliterate Stress While Traveling Abroad

For those few weeks that most of us get off a year, there should never be a moment of it that we spend being stressed-out or really feeling anything but relaxed.

We have gathered together 5 hacks that will definitely reduce any anxiety and will have you relaxing into your holiday in no time whether that is laying on the beach, touring the capitals of Europe or meeting a giant friendly mouse.

1. Travel Light – Try as hard as possible to get everything that you are taking into a small carry on suitcase. You will certainly be surprised just how much you can fit into a carry-on especially with the average dimension allowance being: 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (including the wheels and handle).

 For most of us this won’t always be possible but if it is, then it will certainly cut down on your stress getting to and from the airport. This is definitely an option if you are only going to be traveling for a week or if there will be an opportunity to clean your clothes at some point during your holiday.


While this might limit the amount of clothes that you can bring it will benefit you in a number of ways, including:

  • No chance of losing your luggage,
  • Having access to everything right on the plane,
  • No waiting for your bags at the airport,
  • No extra baggage fees.

The only one downside is that you will have to be very careful with the liquids that you are taking. Although considering the frequency that the sunscreen explodes in checked luggage, this can also be seen as a positive.

2. Suck It Up – To help you achieve taking less luggage, we strongly suggest using plastic packs to shrink wrap clothes. These can be purchased online and be used with a vacuum cleaner but you you don’t need to splurge on these.

Supermarket zip lock bags work just as well and these can be compressed with your hands. Roll your clothes into sausage shapes, place two or three pieces into each bag and then close the opening leaving a small gap. Press down and push out all of the air and then seal up the bag.


While this won’t last forever it is a great space-saving solution and means you will be able to take even more clothes. It might be a good idea to take extra bags with you incase they tear, which will happen after more than three or four uses.

Bonus Tip: If you are worried about creases in rolled-up compressed clothes, then a hair straightener will get any item looking fresh again before you know it.

3. Identification Parade – If you have to check a bag then it is a great idea to tie something colourful to it, such as a ribbon, or to use neon masking tape.

This is perfect for those that want to buy a nice looking luggage set but don’t want to spend unnecessary time picking up every black suitcase that comes around on the belt.

4. An Electronics Master – If you have enough room in your suitcase then definitely bring a multi-plug extension cable. It may seem strange to pack this but it will solve a whole heap of holiday problems, including:


  • Any hotel room that annoyingly only has one plug socket,
  • Not owning more than one power converter,
  • Not being able to charge more than one thing at a time.

5. Stay On The Grid – Don’t know where you should get off the bus? Don’t know if the taxi driver is taking you on the scenic route?

Use the Google Maps app for free GPS positioning. It even works without being connected to the Internet so you don’t need to pay huge roaming fees.

It is also a good idea to check the best route to your hotel from the airport before you arrive. This means that you will roughly know how far it is and then work out how much the taxi route should cost. You can usually find the city’s taxi fare online. You will then have a price in mind, in case the driver doesn’t want to use the meter.


If you don’t know the best way to get from the airport to where you want to be, then the Rome2Rio App provides a great source of information. There might be a bus that you couldn’t find information about online that is 5-times cheaper than the hotel transfer. It is certainly worth checking.

Bonus Tip

Double-check everything – You see hundreds of stories of tourists getting to their airport only to find they have made a huge mistake. Before you travel we strongly suggest you check:

– All the visa regulations,

– Airline regulations on baggage and seating,

– Extra fees that your hotel might charge (late check-in, city tax or any other charge they didn’t include to make them seem like the best deal in town.)