How To Make A Small Living Space Feel Like A Lush Mansion

Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you don’t want your pad to look just as fabulous as those multimillion dollar mansions on TV. We all want to reside in a home that we are proud of; one that allows for comfortability and relaxation. As you can imagine, sometimes trying to decorate a small space can present a challenge, but you can still show off your style and create something beautiful with even with limited space; here are some awesome tips and tricks that you can employ.

Use Light Colors


Softer hues tend to make a small, cramped room seem larger so opt for grey, white, blush and other light colors. This goes for both walls and floors.

Use Floating Shelves for Storage


Since you don’t have the space to accommodate large storage units such as armoires, bookcases and chests, your best option is to utilize floating shelves. These are actually quite convenient because they provide the same service, but instead of taking up valuable floor space they hang on the walls.

Create the Illusion of Large Windows


You can visually expand the window’s length or width based on your placement of the curtain rods. If you want the windows to seem wider hang the curtains a bit wider than where the window pane ends, and to make the windows seem longer just hang them a few inches below the ceiling instead of exactly above the window frame. Doing this will draw they eye upwards making the windows seem taller than they actually are.

 Avoid Oversized Furniture 

One very big mistake that some people make while decorating a small space is trying to cram large furniture into the area. This will only make the room seem cramped. Instead go for smaller pieces which will give the illusion of a large area.

Use Mirrors


This is a popular home décor tip used by many designers because it really works. Hang mirrors in your home to make a small room seem bigger than it is. Large mirrors are best in this situation, and if hung opposite a window it will bounce light around the room making it feel light and airy.

Go For an Open Floor Plan

When you’re working with minimal space it’s best to avoid all the walls and partitions as it will make the room look and feel quite tiny. Instead go with an open floor plan to create a visually larger space, which also allows for more flexibility.