The Most Interesting Remedies From The Around The World That You Can Try

The global pharmaceutical market makes US 300 billion dollars a year, and this figure continues to rise every three years. And while they continue to develop, produce, and market drugs for use as medications, there are countries all over the world that are employing their own natural remedies for many of the medications that we spend money on each year. Imagine how much we could save if we followed suit and decided to go the natural route to treat our ailments.



This is a common issue that people the world over are afflicted with, but did you know that there are natural remedies available? Let’s see what different countries employ as cures for their muscle aches.

Russia-Onion is a common cure for muscle aches in Russia. It is chopped finely, then mixed with honey and applied directly to the area.

Australian- Tea tree oil is frequently used as an ailment for sore muscles ‘down under.’ It is best to massage the oil into the sore area, which helps to increases blood flow to the underlying muscle.

Japan– The Japanese use ginger to make a tonic called ginger oil which helps relieve tightness in sore muscles. The oil is made by mixing equal parts olive oil with freshly grated gingerroot, the mixture is applied directly to the area.



It seems that no matter where in the world you are, you just can’t escape stress. But in certain parts of the world they have found natural or organic remedies for dealing with this ever present issue.

Germany- Some years ago scientists in Germany discovered that cherries contain miniscule amounts of a sedative chemical. For this reason, feel free to indulge in a tall glass of cherry juice whenever you’re feeling stressed.

Chinese- Celery is used as an effective stress reliever in China, as it is believed to be a mild sedative. Just mix some celery juice with honey and sip your stress away.



Caribbean –Omega-3 fish oils contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help to ease migraine headache without the need for aspirin. In some parts of the world including the United States and many Caribbean islands it is used as a natural migraine remedy.  Omega-3 is found in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel.

Western Asia and North Africa –Almonds are indigenous to these areas so it’s not surprising that this nut is used by them as a natural remedy for migraine. Almonds contain a pain relieving ingredient that is similar to aspirin making it an effective, natural medicine.