Back To Skincare Basics With Your Favourite Celebs

Whether we want to admit it or not, celebrities influence us in many different ways. Not only do we go out and watch their movies or buy their albums, but we also imitate the way they dress, or wear their hair or even what they eat. To an extent I suppose we want to be like them. We sprint to computer to purchase the dress Kate Middleton wore in her latest interview, (before it sells out) because it makes us feel like we have something in common with her. It’s crazy, but true.

Another thing that we tend to replicate from our favourite celebs is their beauty routines; I mean who doesn’t want Jlo’s bronzed glow, or Cara Delevigne’s thick brows? Well, here’s how your favourite celebs stay beautiful.

Stay Hydrated


This is how Jennifer Aniston keeps her skin looking beautiful inside and out, and you can too. It’s very important to drink at least 7 glasses of water per day to flush out impurities from your body. And if you live in an area with very hot weather you’ll needed to not just hydrate the inside, but also moisturize the outside. Jen suggests the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion.

Cleanse your Face


It is extremely important to properly cleanse your face, because oil and makeup left on your skin can cause pimples and acne. Singer, Mary J Blige takes this tip to heart, and so should you; invest in a deep- cleaning facial cleanser to remove dirt and build-up, and follow up with a toner to remove anything that wasn’t removed by your cleanser.

Get Active


The beautiful Vanessa Williams has been in Hollywood for several years, but she looks nothing like her age. Her secret is Pilates and Salsa dancing, so if you want to age as gracefully as this gorgeous actress you might want to take note. Oh and if salsa and Pilates are not for you there are plenty of other ways to get active, gym, boot camp, Zumba, belly dancing, water aerobics, yoga, pole fit, and the list goes on and on, there’s no excuse.

Be consistent


Actress Julie Bowen certainly has a point when she says be consistent with your beauty routine. You can’t just drink water one day out of the week, cleanse your face sometimes, or moisturize only when your skin feels dry; no! establish a routine and stick with it. That’s the only way you’re going to see results.