4 Super Important Reasons You Should Exercise More (Not Including Losing Weight!)

Recently more and more people have decided to really dedicate themselves to improving their overall health and wellness. And while the process involves a complete lifestyle change which includes better food choices, a positive attitude (among other things) one very important aspect is physical fitness. The benefits of physical fitness are far reaching; yes washboard abdominals and toned legs are certainly part of the deal. However, research has shown that regular physical activity can also help protect against health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and stroke, and can even reduce the risk of some cancers. But there’s more, let’s look at some of the ‘less obvious’ benefits of physical activity.

1. It Improves Sleep



Yes it’s true, maybe the reason you’re not sleeping is because you’re not exercising-who would’ve thought right? Sleepfoundation.org highlights that a handful of studies suggest exercise significantly improves the sleep of people with chronic insomnia. This is the most common sleep disorder among adults and it causes difficulty falling or maintaining sleep, waking up during the night and difficulty going back to sleep. If you have these or any other sleep issues try to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine and you should see a vast difference.

2. It improves your sex life


I bet you never would have thought that physical activity can help to spice up a dull or boring sex life. Exercise tones your body and as a result boosts your self-esteem; when you feel sexy chances are this will have a positive effect on your sex life. In addition men who exercise regularly are less prone to erectile dysfunction when compared to men who don’t work out.

3. It boosts energy


This might sound a bit weird, but if you are feeling fatigued or low on energy, exercise might be the cure for that. WebMD even points to new research which proposes that regular physical activity can increase energy levels even among people suffering from chronic medical conditions associated with fatigue, like heart disease and cancer.  When you integrate a regular workout program into your daily life chances are you will be more energized and be better able to perform daily chores whether at home or at work.

4. It Delays Aging


It seems as if everyone is trying to find a quick fix to delay the aging process, but these things often come with an expensive price tag. Whether it’s regular visits to the spa or to your plastic surgeon—these methods might work but by incorporating physical activity into your daily life you probably won’t need them at all. This is because regular physical activity reverses the natural decline in the metabolism of the body, so if you want to slow down the aging process you best bet is physical activity.