At Some Point These 10 Fashion Tricks That Will Inevitably Save the Day

  1. If you happen to buy shoes that are too small you can stretch them by filling two Ziploc bags with water then sticking one in each shoe. Place the shoes in your freezer overnight, as the water in the Ziploc bags freeze it will gradually expand your shoes. In addition, if your shoes feel stiff or snug, another easy fix is to slip on a pair of sock, then put the shoes on and blast it with your hairdryer. That should loosen them up a bit.a
  1. If you happen to get lipstick on your garment, use hairspray to remove it. Just spray the hairspray on the stain and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Then dip a cloth in warm water and use it to wipe the stain from the fabric.b
  1. Patent leather shoes require extra care in order to keep them pristine. If you don’t have any leather shoe cleaner use Windex-it can restore the sheen on your shoes and won’t damage them in the process.
  1. Jeans are a girl’s best friend but when they’re new they can give off a horrible odour (this might be due to the dye). To remove the scent without having to run them through the washing machine, put your jeans in a plastic bag and let it sit there for about two days.c
  1. Looking for a quick fix for a loose hem on your pant or skirt? Well a hot glue gun can do the trick if you don’t have needle and thread on hand.
  1. Sometimes when you buy hangers they are wrapped in protective foam- don’t toss these out. They are great at removing deodorant marks from your garments, just rub the foam on the area and voila!
  1. They often say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ so if you happen to have these ‘best friends’ in your possession, there’s an easy way to clean them. Instead of sending them out to the jeweller a simple DIY method using liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush can do the same job for a lot less.
  1. If you bought a pair of jeans that seem too long, wash them in the machine twice before taking them in for alteration. Jeans always shrink in length when washed.d
  1. If you’re shopping for a special occasion such as your wedding etc. Go to the dress store with hair and makeup done the way you plan to have it on that special day (or similar) This will give you an idea of how the entire ensemble will look.
  1. Did you go overboard with the perfume this morning? Don’t fret, use a little of your makeup remover (oil-based) to remove the excess.